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The PROMX company was founded out of passion, enthusiasm and great determination of the owners.  We all deeply believe that a company is not just walls, equipment or logo placed on the product, but most of all it is the PEOPLE. Together we form a team which always puts customer satisfaction first. You can be sure that we treat each order individually so that you can always feel exceptional.

Our utmost objective is to create a platform enabling our customers to buy fully personalized motocross products and accessories. At the same time, our priorities are the high quality of our products and – most importantly – maintaining affordable prices. We achieved these goals thanks to many years of experience in the motocross sector that the entire PROMX team can boast of and the wide range of skills of its individual members.

Our graphic design team is composed of people who have been designing motocross accessories for many years. Each of them can boast of thousands of satisfied customers. Thanks to PROMX, you can join the club of our customers and enjoy top quality products.

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Company’s data:

PROMX Halina Zielonka

ul. Nowy Świat 33/13

00-029 Warsaw

NIP: 8511686853

REGON: 520123355



Specification of foil and laminate

To make our stickers, we use only the highest quality materials. We use only highly flexible, PREMIUM class polymer film for printing, which was additionally enriched with a very strong and unique acrylic adhesive.

Combined with the most advanced printing techniques and the highest quality inks, the colours are exceptionally deep and will surely meet your expectations.

The key factor that most affects product quality is the laminate. Our calendared, vinyl laminate with gloss together with the film form an extremely strong surface protecting your sticker against UV, moisture and water, and additionally offering very high resistance to damage and scratching.

Technical parameters of foil:

  • Foil thickness – 86 μm
  • Adhesive thickness – 45-56 μm
  • Base layer thickness – 170 μm
  • Durability – up to 5 years assuming normal exposure

Technical parameters of laminate:

  • Laminate thickness – 300 μm
  • Adhesive thickness – 46-56 μm
  • Durability – up to 5 years assuming normal exposure

Prepare a heat gun or a hairdryer, a paper tape and a plastic blade.

Before application, you must thoroughly remove any remains of lubricant, adhesive or dirt from the plastic parts.


VERY IMPORTANT!!! The sticker must be applied in room temperature.


Apply the first sticker to the plastic, and then fix it in several places with the paper tape.

Then pull one of the corners and slowly remove the layer protecting the adhesive, at the same time pressing the sticker to the surface. Remember to remove any possible air bubbles using the blade.

In the case of elements with irregular shapes, slightly heat the sticker with the heat gun or hairdryer. It will get more flexible, which will make it much easier to match it with the plastic.



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