A. Scope of agreement

  1. When accessing the Website, using it and purchasing from it, you confirm that you have read, you understand and accept without restrictions and reservations these Terms and Conditions.

B. How to order

  1. Orders should be placed by using the order form, which can be found next to each product.
  2. Files with your own logo or graphic designs should be attached using the order form.  The accepted file formats are Illustrator (.ai), PDF, EPS, PNG or JPG, with the minimum resolution of 600 x 600 pixels and the maximum size of up to 10 MB. After successful verification of the files sent, the design will be prepared based on information given in the order form.
  3. If you marked the option “verify graphic design” in the form, the design will be sent to you via electronic mail within 3 working days, and in the event of unexpected accumulation of orders, the waiting time may extend up to 7 working days (usually the waiting time is shorter than stated).
  4. The design must be very carefully verified to see that the information given in the form complies with the information in the design and that the shape of the design conforms to your motorcycle model. Then, you must send an e-mail to confirm that you accept the design or indicate corrections (all possible corrections should be included in one message. Corrections sent in successive e-mails will to be taken into account).
  5. Acceptance of the project results in the inability to cancel the order by the orderer.
  6. If, despite selecting the “verify graphics” option, the customer does not reply to the sent correspondence within 72 hours of receiving the message, the project will be considered approved and transferred to production.
  7. The order processing time is up to 7 working days from the day of crediting the account with the amount due. In the case of marking the option “verify graphic design” – from the date of receiving the acceptance. In extreme cases, the waiting time may extend to 14 working days, of which you will be informed by e-mail.
  8. Ordered goods are sent in the entire territory of the European Union and outside its borders using the services of DHL courier company.
  9. The basic condition of an order fulfilment is the correct completion of contact data, including the correct, existing e-mail address to which order confirmation can be sent. Orders containing incorrect data will not be processed.
  10. Any logotypes, company logos and trademarks on our websites are used only for information purposes. Placing an order for a version with logos means that the Buyer/Ordering Party has a full right to order the preparation of a given company logo, logotype or trademark given in the description.
  11. PROMX is not the owner of the company logos, logotypes or trademarks of other companies and does not sell products of those brands. As a producer of personalised products, it provides a service consisting in placing specific marks on a specific product, according to the provisions of point 10 of these Terms and Conditions.

C. Working hours at

  1. Orders can be placed on our website 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, all year round.
  2. The website is operated (among others, orders are verified) Monday to Friday, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., including public holidays and days that are customarily free days (the so-called “long weekends”).
  3. PROMX shall not be held liable for any delays, failures to fulfil its obligations or any other failures that occurred due to circumstances or obstacles beyond our control, including, among others, strikes, acts of government, wars or crisis situations, terrorist threats or acts of terrorism, unexpected environmental or climate phenomena, third-party operation failures, problems with the Internet connection or equipment and software failure. In the event of such force majeure, we will strive to eliminate any delays in the shortest possible time.

D. Returns

  1. The website provides printing services and is not a typical e-shop offering goods. It is not possible to return the advertising and printing services offered by us, because they are not goods within the meaning of the provisions of law and are not subject to return and resale.
    Provisions applicable to e-shops and distance sale of goods (via the Internet) do not apply in this case. Any use of the words “product” or “goods” (also in plural/singular or other grammatical forms) should be understood as offer(s) of service(s).

E. Changes in orders

  1. PROMX uses every effort to process orders as soon as possible. It means that changes in orders already placed (e.g., name, number, colour option, etc.) should be submitted via electronic mail on the day of purchase at the latest. Request for changes in orders submitted in subsequent days may result in the need to pay a charge amounting to 20% of the value of the product subject to change (as compensation for the work done so far).
  2. Requests for changes in an order submitted after performing the service will not be taken into account.

F. Withdrawal from the agreement

  1. PROMX uses every effort to process orders as soon as possible. It means that cancellation of an order already placed should be submitted via electronic mail on the day of purchase at the latest. Cancellation of orders already placed sent on subsequent days may result in deduction of 40% of the cancelled product value (as compensation for the work done and materials used).
  2. Request for cancellation of an order placed submitted after the package with the ordered product has been sent will not be taken into account.

G. Complaints

  1. PROMX uses every effort to fulfil orders in accordance with the Customers’ expectations. Contact via e-mail during order processing and marking the “verify graphic design” option will certainly help to avoid any inconsistencies or errors. After the Ordering Party has accepted the designs developed by us, it will not be possible to submit a complaint regarding the design (colour scheme, graphic design and text elements) or the product shape (cutting dies for plastic used). We accept complaints only in the event of mistakes or errors on our part after the design has been accepted and in the case of product material defects.

H. Reservation regarding the website

  1. PROMX reserves the right to correct any errors, inconsistencies or omissions and to change or update information at any time without prior notice (including after the Customer has placed an order). Product photos on the Website serve as a reference only. The actual appearance of the product may slightly differ. We strive to describe our products on the Website as accurately as possible. If product information (photo, description, colours, etc.) changes, PROMX may not guarantee that the data given on the Website at any time contain all current updates. We make every effort to ensure smooth functioning of our Website. However, PROMX shall not be held liable for a temporary unavailability of the Website due to technical problems beyond our control.
  2. All colours on PROMX website have been presented as accurately as possible. However, accuracy depends on monitor settings and calibration. In most cases, colours may slightly differ.
  3. All applicable duties and taxes to be paid in order to receive the parcel in the place of its destination must be paid by the Customer/Ordering Party. The invoice/order confirmation is generated automatically and sent to the Customer’s e-mail address.


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