specification of foil and laminate

To make our stickers, we use only the highest quality materials. We use only highly flexible, PREMIUM class polymer film for printing, which was additionally enriched with a very strong and unique acrylic adhesive.

Combined with the most advanced printing techniques and the highest quality inks, the colours are exceptionally deep and will surely meet your expectations.

The key factor that most affects product quality is the laminate. Our calendared, vinyl laminate with gloss together with the film form an extremely strong surface protecting your sticker against UV, moisture and water, and additionally offering very high resistance to damage and scratching.

Technical parameters of foil:

  • Foil thickness – 86 μm
  • Adhesive thickness – 45-56 μm
  • Base layer thickness – 170 μm
  • Durability – up to 5 years assuming normal exposure

Technical parameters of laminate:

  • Laminate thickness – 300 μm
  • Adhesive thickness – 46-56 μm
  • Durability – up to 5 years assuming normal exposure



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